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Simples - Botanical extract - Tulsi & Mint

Simples - Botanical extract - Tulsi & Mint

SKU: 0796554766119

Botanical extract - Tulsi & Mint, is a natural and powerful blend of antioxidants that provide protection and a much-needed energy boost to your immune system. With the added benefits of garden mint, basil, and fennel seeds, our extract helps relieve stress and uplift the mood. Tulsi & Mint extract offers a broad-spectrum of benefits that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Experience the natural and invigorating power of botanicals!


    Ingredients: Botanical extract with fresh Tulsi, garden mint, basil and Fennel seed.

    Dosage: Contains more than 200 individual dosages.

    Usage:  Easy dosage with dropper included, simply add 5-10 drops to your favourite beverage.

    Storage: Store in a cool dark place.


    Once opened, we would not be able to guarantee the product shelf stability and this is why we would not accept the product back. We want to hear from you and your tasting experience, so please get in touch as all feedback is welcome and important to us. Rest assure, we will promptly support if something not goes according to plan.


    We will always use the most efficient courier available to reach you. We will advise you about expected lead times.  While it is our ambition to have our products available worldwide, there might be challenges to serve certain regions, but do get in touch, and we will try to find alternative solutions.

  • What's unique about Simples?

    • 100% From Nature;
    • Specially designed to provide the best taste and functionally;
    • 100% recyclable packaging;
    • Handcrafted Batch Production;
    • Patented Technology;
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